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Meet the Maker

Hello!, and welcome to Massaro’s Market. I’m SamThe creator and maker
 behind the shop. I’m passionate about all things art, and the emotions it
 releases. It’s something that’s always been calming, sort of grounding to me.
 I’m an absolute mess when I’m creating, but the chaos adds to the beauty. I’ve
 been searching for my purpose, my why, but my answer isn’t some amazing
revelation other than simply being happy creating.
“If you know the why, you can live any how.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
Massaro’s Market is run by myself with a little help from my dad and husband.
couldn't do this without the immeasurable help I receive from my husband,
plus Dad’s are pretty awesome, am I right? I have a lot of things I create
focusing on wood signs/decor, screen printing, and digital art. As I continue to
learn, grow, and create I’m looking forward to what the future holds for
Massaro’s Market!
A little more About Me, the maker! I married my high school sweet heart in
2013 on our 10 year anniversary. We have 2 beautiful boys (5 and 2.5) who keep
us on our toes, 2 chihuahuas (our first borns), and one meddling cat.
Fun Facts about me · I drive ALWAYS due to extreme motion sickness. · I'm a
big fat introvert! · Family is everything to me. · I once asked if I could have no
"home-meh-mah-deh" on my tacos. Turns out it was "home made" ha! · Gave
my bestie a yo-yo in kindergarten, 27 years and counting. "did we just become
best friends? YEP!"
Thank you for your support, even just taking the time to learn a little bit about
Massaro’s Market! Have a question or suggestion about my shop? Visit the
Contact Me tab for inquiries.