Custom Logo Consultation


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Non refundable consultation fee for custom sign. I will work with you to design a piece that perfectly fits you and your brand. This could be a direct logo match or something more unique.

Freestanding and hanging options available. Sizing available between 6”-19” round, 19”x26” rectangular.

If you move forward after a design is picked and a quote is provided this fee will apply towards your balance. 

TURN AROUND: 14 days once final design has been selected and final invoice paid. First proof is emailed within 48 hours from ordering. Subsequent revisions made and emailed same day up to 24 hours.

Please submit your logo through provided drop box. SVG files are preferred, but high quality PDF files may be used.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please provide desired size, shape, budget range and any additional information that may help in creating your piece. This may include font names used in your logo. Also include if your piece will be propped or need holes for hanging.